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To perform with a search, please enter either a part number or a keyword in the search box. Partial part numbers and keywords can also be used.

When you perform a search, the text you provide is checked against part numbers and keywords. Any products that match parts numbers will display all matching part numbers underneath the product links.

If a search results in a single match, the matching page will automatically load.

Result Display Format

All results are also divided up based on the section they are in, such as Alignment Pins or Chuck Jaws. By default a maximum of 10 results per section will be displayed. If there are more than 10 results for a section, a link to view all results under that section is provided.

Within each section, individual results are listed along with the category or categories they are part of. The links to categories are shown in all capital letters, and the links to the actual product is shown in lowercase letters. The arrows(») represent the path you would take to navigate to that product through the catalog if you wanted to get to it later without using the search tool.

Multi-word searches

If your search contains more than one word(or segment) separated by a space, only results that contain all words will be returned, regardless of word order.

If you want to match an exact phrase only, enclose the entire search within quotation marks.

If you want to find all matches that match any one of the words, separate each word with a comma.

work support Matches anything containing both work AND support, regardless of position.
"work support" Only matches work support if the words occur together in that order.
work, support Will match anything that contains work OR support.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.