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Sliding Bar Handle

FEATURES: Definitely the best quick-acting screw clamp available anywhere. This patented grooved-bar design works smoothly and positively – just slide the bar forward to contact the workpiece, then turn clockwise to apply force. To unclamp, turn counterclockwise and slide the bar back. As strong as a standard screw clamp, but much faster. Sliding handle provides excellent leverage. Made in USA.

SIZES: Available in 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" bar sizes, each in a choice of several lengths — see Dimensions page for part numbers.

SWIVEL FOOT: Choice of four foot types. Bar-Lok Quick-Acting Screw Clamps use our patented left-hand-thread swivel-foot system. The ball end of the body screws into the foot for easy installation and removal. Once the ball threads pass beyond the foot threads, the foot can rotate and pivot freely (20° total angle). Foot threads are left-hand to positively prevent accidental backout during use. Delrin® feet are optional for types A and B. To order with a Delrin® foot, add "N" to the part number, e.g. CL-14-BLTBN. Note: Delrin® feet are not threaded – they snap on and off.

MATERIAL: Clamping bar and collar > 12L14 steel, carburized-hardened, zinc plated yellow chromate. Sliding handle > 12L14 steel, zinc plate yellow chromate. Steel foot > 12L14 steel, zinc plated yellow chromate. Delrin® foot > white Delrin® 500). DFARS and RoHS compliant.

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