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FEATURES: Rugged, high-quality tool for cutting small-diameter hydraulic tubing. Hardened steel rollers and cutting wheel.

OPERATION: Place tubing between rollers and cutting wheel at desired location for cut, then turn the knob clockwise to advance the cutting wheel until slight pressure is achieved. Spin the tool in a groove around the tubing. Every few revolutions, turn the knob again slightly, to advance the cutting wheel, until the cut is complete.

TUBING INSTALLATION: Tubing pieces should be prepared for installation by following these steps:
1) Cut tubing to length with a Tubing Cutter, CLR-100-TL, or hacksaw.
2) File or sand tube end square.
3) Deburr both O.D. and I.D., preferably with a Deburring Tool, CLR-200-TL.
4) Clean with solvent to remove chips, dirt, and rust-preventative coating.
5) Blow clean with a shop air line.
6) If using 37°-flare fittings, flare tubing with a Flaring Tool, CLR-300-TL. Note: a Tube End fitting, consisting of a nut and sleeve, must be placed on each tube end before flaring is completed.
7) Bend as required, preferably with a Tubing Bender, CLR-400-TL.
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.