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BESONDERHEITEN: Trunnions are rugged, precision bearing mounts for revolving fixtures. Ideal for assembly and welding fixtures, and any other applications where the part must be accessible from all sides. Usually used in pairs, one locking Trunnion and one revolving Trunnion, to distribute the load between them without bending forces. The locking version has a friction-cone mechanism that stops the rotor at any angle by tightening the knob handle (loosen knob again to unlock). The revolving version, shown here, has a free-rotating bearing at both ends of the rotor shaft, with no locking mechanism.

GRÖßEN: Choice of two sizes — see Dimensions page for part numbers.
 815kg Load Capacity
 1100kg Load Capacity

KONSTRUKTION: Rotor > Aluminium alloy. Base housing > Aluminium alloy with bronze bearings. Other internal components > Steel. DFARS and RoHS compliant.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.