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FEATURES: Weld-In Threaded Inserts are ideal for installing hoist rings in road plates and other difficult-to-handle loads. These weld-in inserts provide an easier alternative to tapping large-diameter holes. High-tensile alloy steel.

SIZES: Available in the following thread sizes (UNC, coil thread, and acme) and thicknesses — see Dimensions page for part numbers:
 3/4-10   1" thick
 1"-8   1" thick
 1-1/4"-7   1" thick
 1-1/4" Coil   1" thick
 1-1/4" Acme   1" thick
 1-1/2"-6  1-1/2" thick
 1-1/2" Coil   1-1/2" thick
 1-1/2" Acme   1-1/2" thick
 2"-4-1/2  1-1/2" thick

INSTALLATION: Install by cutting a hole in the plate and welding in place, flush with the surface. Weld around the entire perimeter of the base (certified welding). Welding instructions are included with each shipment.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: See Hoist Ring Safety Precautions at the beginning of this catalog section.

MATERIAL: Alloy steel, heat treated. DFARS and RoHS compliant.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.