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KNC Series

For optional accessories such as Right-Angle Drive Units, Adjustable Side stops, Step Fixture Keys, and Vise Clamps, see Vise Accessories. For optional jaws, see Vise Jaws.

Optional Right-Angle Drive Unit

5000 psi max

FEATURES: Our Hilma KNC-series universal vises can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on either side. These versatile vises are ideal for precision, high-production machining on all types of machining centers, vertical or horizontal. Finest-quality construction for excellent rigidity and durability. These hydra-mechanical vises are manually operated, with final high force applied easily using hydraulic power assist (no power unit required). Made in Germany.

SIZES: Available in three sizes, with jaw widths from 100 to 160mm — see Dimensions page for part numbers. Maximum clamping force:
 100mm Jaw   5600 Lbs
 125mm Jaw   9000 Lbs
 160mm Jaw   11000 Lbs

OPERATION (HYDRA-MECHANICAL): During initial setup, move the sliding jaw into approximate position by moving the hardened steel cross-pin into a different hole in the base. To clamp, turn the crank handle clockwise to move the sliding jaw mechanically toward the workpiece. Once resistance is met, further turning automatically disengages the screw spindle and gradually applies full hydraulic pressure with relatively little effort. Turn handle counterclockwise to unclamp.

ACCURACY: Vise bed is flame hardened and ground to a +/-.0004" height dimension. Fixed and sliding jaws are ground to a +/-.0008" height dimension to accept top-jaw tooling. Fixed-jaw location is +/-.0008" from the end of the vise (for vertical mounting) and +/-.0016" from the fixture-key slots.

MOUNTING: Mounting holes for socket-head cap screws are built into the base. This allows very close mounting of vises without external clamps. Vises are all slotted for 20mm fixture keys, to provide accurate mounting on T-slotted machine tables. Use two Step Fixture Keys to adapt to a specific table-slot size. To provide quick coarse adjustment of jaw opening, a hardened steel cross-pin fits through the adjustment holes on each side of the guide rails.

ACCESSORIES: A crank handle is furnished with each vise. The optional right-angle drive unit is highly recommended, especially if vises are mounted vertically.





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