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Taper-Lok Arretiergrundbuchsen

Taper-Lok Arretiergrundbuchsen
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BESONDERHEITEN: Precision knurled liner bushing for mounting air-feed drills in fiberglass or plastic tooling. One-piece design has two angled locking surfaces to lock the drill motor in place, for superior strength. Optional heavy-duty type has precisely machined helical locking surfaces that mate exactly with the air-feed collar, for added impact resistance. Milled flats allow close hole spacing. Patent no. 3,015,242.

GRÖßEN: Available for 21000 and 22000 series air-feed drills. see Dimensions page for part numbers.

WERKSTOFF: 1144 Stressproof steel, heat treated to achieve Rc 62-64 ID hardness.

Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.