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FEATURES: Similar to an SFM metric renewable bush, but with specially designed chip-breaking notches on the drill-exit end. Use to break up chips from tough, stringy materials, to reduce friction and heat buildup. Reduces bush wear at the drill-exit end and reduces the chance of tool or work piece damage. A chip-breaker bush should extend beyond its liner to allow chips to escape. Chip breakers are also available on other bush types such as PM and HM.

STANDARD SIZES: see Dimensions page for part numbers and standard ID drill sizes. The prices shown apply to standard bushes only, with any standard metric ID size within the stated range.
 CHM-10-20-4.50   SFM-type bush with chip
breaker, 4.50mm ID
 PMCH-10-20-4.50   PM-type bush with chip
breaker, 4.50mm ID
 HMCH-10-20-4.50   HM-type bush with chip
breaker, 4.50mm ID

 From .35 to 3mm     +.002/+.008mm
 Over 3 to 6mm     +.004/+.012mm
 Over 6 to 10mm     +.005/+.014mm
 Over 10 to 18mm     +.006/+.017mm
 Over 18 to 30mm     +.007/+.020mm
 Over 30 to 50mm     +.009/+.025mm

MATERIAL: 1144 Stress-proof steel, heat treated to achieve Rc 62-64 ID hardness. Other materials readily available by special order (see Specials). DFARS and RoHS compliant.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.