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This catalog can be viewed with either "inch" or "mm" units of measure. Please note that all catalog versions contain exactly the same parts (both inch and metric parts) -- only the dimension tables are different.

Our USA Catalog has "inch" units of measure:

Dimensions listed in inches
Weight listed in pounds
Force listed in pounds
Torque listed in foot-pounds
Temperature listed in degrees Fahrenheit

Our International Catalog (available in English, Spanish, or German) has Systeme International (SI) units of measure:

Dimensions listed in millimeters
Weight listed in kilograms
Force listed in Newtons
Torque listed in Newton-meters
Temperature listed in degrees Celsius

Simply select the version you prefer one time, then your selection will remain in effect whenever you return to the catalog. To change catalog version, you may toggle between the versions using the mouse over the title underneath the logo at the top of the navigation bar.


Our catalog is organized into the 15 product groups shown in the left navigation bar. The navigation bar appears on every product's catalog page to allow quickly jumping to any catalog section. When you select a catalog section, a pictorial index for that product group appears.

Some items in the index have lowercase names. Selecting one of these takes you directly to the product page. Other items have uppercase names. Selecting one of these takes you to a sub-index to make further selections. Some listings begin with "ALSO SEE". These are cross-listings from another product group related to the current group.

Each product page has up to five different tabs at the top, for different page screens: Features, Dimensions, Applications, Larger Photo or Size Comparison, and Video. Press these buttons to move between the page screens. Every product begins with a "Features" screen, which shows a photograph along with technical information. Every product also has a "Dimensions" screen, which lists individual part numbers along with dimensional drawings and tables.


The "Dimensions" screen provides a listing of individual part numbers as hyperlinks. This is your gateway to checking price, checking quantity discounts, checking stock, retrieving CAD drawings, and ordering from our Factory Store.

Price and Availability

When you click on a part number, this selection screen appears, to allow checking price and availability or to download a CAD drawing.

Price and Availability

When you enter a quantity and click on "Price & Availability," this screen appears, displaying quantity, price, and inventory status. To see all quantity breaks, click on "Sell Price." To add the item to your shopping cart, click on "Add to Cart."

Certain products, such as Cable Assemblies, cut cast sections, and special Ball Lock Pins, need to be configured to calculate a price. Use these instructions to determine how to build the correct part number.

Price and Availability

When you click on "Add to Cart", your shopping cart displays. At this point, you can go back to add other items, return to the catalog, change quantities and update your cart, or clear your cart. To order the items in your cart from our Factory Store, press "Begin Checkout".

CAD Drawings

When you click on a part number from the "Dimensions" screen, in addition to the Price & Availability check is a menu to view and download available CAD drawings for the part. The initial view is the 3D Drawing. (The Viewpoint Media Player is required to view the 3D CAD drawing online.)

CAD Drawings

Click "2D Viewer" to view the 2D drawing for the part. (The SolidWorks eDrawings browser plugin is required to view the 2D CAD drawing online.)

CAD Drawings

To view available downloads for the CAD drawing click on "CAD Downloads". A variety of 2D and 3D formats are available for download. Select the type and version of the software you will use to view the file, then click "Go" to prepare the file for download.

CAD Drawings

Once the file is ready for download, click the "Download" button to download the file to your computer.

CAD drawings can also be downloaded directly from the Carr Lane home page, without using the catalog. Just enter the part number to see what drawing formats are available: 2D, 3D wire frames, or solids, in a variety of formats.


The Online Catalog also has a handy search feature, below the catalog sections. To search for an item, simply enter its part number, part family, or a keyword, then press "Search." Part number is not case sensitive and accepts all variations including: CL-406-KTK-12, CL406KTK12, and 406KTK12. To search for an entire part family, enter the family letters (KTK), then all parts containing those family letters will be displayed. Multiple search results will be displayed on a page showing the path to reach that item. Single results will take you directly to the product page.

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