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For fixed-height contact bolts, see
Screw Rest Pads
Screw Rest Buttons

For adjustable contact screws
Knurled Screw Jacks

Low profile allows reaching far underneath low workpieces.

Mounting slot allows stacking other components, such as this Cam Edge Clamp, on top of the support.

FEATURES: Spring-extended work support with an extremely low profile. Ideal for supporting in hard-to-reach places, because the handle can be positioned for convenient access. Turning the handle counterclockwise unlocks the plunger, allowing the plunger to float. Turning the handle clockwise locks the plunger .If desired, the plunger can be locked in retracted position before loading, for easier loading of light parts. The zinc die-cast Adjustable Handle can be reset to any angle for best leverage.

SIZES: Available in three sizes, inch or metric — see Dimensions page for part numbers:
 5/16-18 or M8
 1/2-13 or M12
 5/8-11 or M16

LOADING WITH PLUNGER EXTENDED: Before loading, turn handle counterclockwise to unlock plunger, allowing the plunger to float. After loading, lock plunger manually at the proper height by turning the handle clockwise.

LOADING WITH PLUNGER RETRACTED: Before loading, turn the handle counterclockwise to unlock, manually depress the plunger, then turn the handle clockwise to lock in retracted position. After loading and clamping, turn handle counterclockwise to release the plunger, then retighten as soon as the plunger extends into position.

ACCESSORIES: Plunger is tapped to accept a contact bolt. For fixed-height contact bolts, see Screw Rest Pads or Screws Rest Buttons. For adjustable contact screws, see Knurled Screw Jacks.

MATERIAL: Body and plunger > Mild steel, carburized-hardened, black oxide finish. Drawbar and roll pin > Mild steel, black oxide finish. Spring > Spring steel. Adjustable Handle > See catalog information for Adjustable Handles. DFARS and RoHS compliant.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.