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Captive Locating Screws and Jig Pins, quick-acting, all-in-one tooling!
Captive Locating Screws and Captive Jig Pins from Carr Lane Mfg. Co. are quick-acting, all-in-one assemblies to keep all tooling right at hand. Both assemblies have a precision-ground body that is positively retained in a locking bushing, with a spring clip that snaps into the body’s radial groove. In addition, spring pressure holds the products in place, an advantage especially if the fixture is turned upside down while handling. Captive Locating Screws can be used for locating and clamping in one action, or for clamping only, by selecting the appropriate screw length. Captive Locating Screws are available with a socket-head, hand-knob, or swivel-washer hand-knob, each in a wide selection of diameters and lengths. Watch for expanded product offerings later this year. Captive Jig Pins provide quick-acting location without clamping, and also offer positive retention in a locking bushing. These pins are available in several locating diameters and have an integral shoulder to keep the handle raised.

DropZero modular zero-point CNC machine set up, with 5-side access to your workpiece
DropZero Modular Zero-Point System enables you to completely machine a workpiece in one setup, significantly reducing setup time and fixturing costs. With a few quick turns of a wrench, Drop Zero clamping modules locate, support, and securely clamp the workpiece from underneath, providing full machining access to 5 sides. Perfect for aerospace fixtures, and other large workpiece applications.

Air Rest Buttons from Carr Lane Take Guesswork Out of Part Loading - Find Out How!
Air Rest Buttons are pneumatic locators that have a contact sensor that provides feedback when your workpiece is loaded correctly. Watch the video to find out how it works!

Position-Flexible Floating Clamps Supports for Aerospace CNC Clamping and Fixtures, Swing Hook Clamp
Floating Clamps from Carr Lane Mfg. Co. are position-flexible clamping devices that clamp AND support the workpiece. Perfect for aerospace machining, floating clamps are especially useful for clamping ribbed or flanged castings and other larger parts. Often used in conjunction with primary locators and clamps, they provide additional support points and reduce machining vibration of thin, light workpieces such as sheet metal, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The clamps adjust to your workpiece with light spring force before locking, to prevent deformation. This versatile clamp supports a load capacity up to 1800 lbs, and can be used on a fixture plate, a modular tooling plate or a T-slot machine plate. The jaws are adustable to a wide variety of part sizes, and are replaceable with custom jaws.


Locking Hand-Retractable Plunger Avoids Accidents
This new Locking Hand-Retractable Plunger from Carr Lane Mfg. offers additional safety, since it positively locks in the extended position. The unique, patented push pin plunger tip automatically locks in the forward position unless manually disengaged by pulling the ring, rather than being held forward by spring force, thus avoiding accidents. A slight taper on the plunger tip provides easy alignment. Made in USA. 

NC Vise and Carr Lock® System from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Roemheld NC Vise and Carr Lane's Carr Lock System work together to deliver lightening fast fixturing on CNC machines. Watch this dramatic video showing the two in action together.

Carr Lock® System: A Must See!
The Carr Lock® System from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. allows accurate locating and clamping at the same time, with the twist of a hex wrench, or just your hand, for mounting quick-changing tooling on a subplate.

Locking Trunnions: See Them In Action!
Trunnions from Carr Lane Mfg. Co. are rugged, precision bearing mounts for revolving fixtures. Ideal for assembly and welding fixtures, and any other applications where the part must be accessible from all sides. Usually used in pairs, one locking Trunnion and one revolving Trunnion, to distribute the load between them without bending forces. The locking version, shown here, has a friction-cone mechanism that stops the rotor at any angle by tightening the knob handle (loosen knob again to unlock). The revolving version has a free-rotating bearing at both ends of the rotor shaft, with no locking mechanism. Made in USA.

Modular Tiny Vise® Edge Clamps from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Carr Lane Manufacturing's Tiny Vise® M-series incorporates a modular jaw design for greater adjustability. This new modular system allows adjusting your workpiece engagement point by adding or removing spacers. This is useful when using the same fixture for machining a family of parts, or when workpiece size can vary somewhat between batches. Just like our original Tiny Vise®, these mini edge clamps grip the side of a workpiece to keep the top clear for machining. The patented design features a slotted countersink to provide strong, reliable clamping force with the easy turn of a hex wrench. These compact clamps are ideal for fixturing multiple parts, small or large. They look so simple, but work amazingly well! Patent number 5,624,106. Made in USA.

Tiny Vise®, Low Profile from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Low-profile Tiny Vise® clamps from Carr Lane Manufacturing are ideal for thin workpieces, and whenever downthrust action is not required. These mini edge clamps securely grip the side of a workpiece to keep the top clear for machining. Patented design features a slotted countersink to provide strong, reliable clamping force with the easy turn of a hex wrench. These compact clamps are ideal for fixturing multiple parts, small or large. Each clamp has both a serrated face (for maximum gripping) and a smooth face (to avoid marring finished parts). These clamps look so simple, but work amazingly well, with major advantages over earlier designs. Patent number 5,624,106. Made in USA.

Lifting Pins from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Lifting pins from Carr Lane Manufacturing are single-acting ball lock pins with a solid, one-piece body and four balls for high tension loads. The pins are positive locking until released by pushing the button, with a sturdy forged shackle for heavy lifting. Available in steel or stainless steel.

Toolless Cam Handle Hook Clamp from Carr Lane Manufacturing
This Toolless Long-arm Hook Clamp has a cam handle, and is available with either a plain or tapped arm. The tapped-arm version accepts a wide variety of contact bolts or spindles to increase clamping-height range (the tapped arm is also slightly longer). The tapped arm version is optionally available with a cam handle (shown here), to allow clamping without a separate wrench. Use with an adjustable contact bolt to utilize maximum cam travel. Mounts in a reamed hole or in a Hook-Clamp Mounting Block or Holder (order separately). Ideal in tight places where high clamping force is required. Available in three sizes. Made in USA.

Slotted Locator Bushings from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Slotted Locator Bushings from Carr Lane Manufacturing can be used with L Pins, T Pins, Shoulder Pins, or Carr Lock® Clamps to align two holes without binding. They are a precision bushing, with a tight tolerance in one direction and full relief in the perpendicular direction. Press fit, knurled, or template bushings are available, along with locating tools.

Self-Retaining Ball Plungers from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Watch a 3D CAD image of Self-Retaining Ball Plungers from Carr Lane Mfg. Co. Due to their self-retaining design, the press-fit ball plungers can be securely installed by hand in an ordinary drilled hole. The slotted end of the thermoplastic body expands to compensate for hole tolerances up to .008" oversize. A sturdy shoulder provides a fixed seating position and positively resists detent force. The installation hole can be counterbored to recess the shoulder.

Ball Lock Pins from Carr Lane Manufacturing
Ball lock pins from Carr Lane Manufacturing have a ground shank, and offer precision alignment. The pins are positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract into a radial groove. Available in a wide variety of types and sizes, in steel or stainless steel. Made in USA.

CL5® Five-Axis Quick Change Workholding Solution
Get faster, more accurate set ups! CL5® Quick-Change Fixturing consists of three components: a subplate, a riser, and top tooling made up of a vise or a fixture plate. This allows flexible and easy clamping, and 5-side part access on CNC machining centers.

Carr Lock® Clamp In Action, Part Of Carr Lock® System
The Carr Lock™ System consists of a clamp, a liner bushing and a receiver bushing. 



2015 Great Race Sponsor

Carr Lane Manufacturing is proud to be a Checkered Flag Sponsor of the 2015 Great Race. 

The Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is the world’s premier time, speed, endurance rally for vintage cars. It’s an annual event that started in 1983, and currently offers more than $150,000 in prize money for the winners. Vehicles as old as 1915 and as new as 1972 are entered in the race, with more than 125 entries total. The route changes each year, and the 2015 race course is based on the historic Route 66 highway. 

Carr Lane Manufacturing will be featured at every stop along the way and we’re hoping our many distributors in those cities will come out and enjoy the race and help promote Carr Lane Manufacturing.

For more information about the Great Race, visit their official website

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