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Swivel Hoist Rings (left) are designed to withstand much greater side loads than eye bolts (right).

For load capacities 15000 lbs and
above, also see EZ-Torque™
Swivel Hoist Rings.

Additional Sizes Available with Electroless Nickel Finish!

FEATURES: The original safety-engineered hoist ring. Pivots 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees simultaneously to allow lifting from any direction. Safety factor = 5:1. Black oxide finish is standard, with cadmium plating available as a special. Swivel Hoist Rings are also available in 300-series stainless steel, with a load rating equal to 50% of the steel version. Patent no. 3,297,293, and 4,705,422. Made in USA.

SIZES: Available with USA threads in the following load capacities, many with a choice of bolt lengths and ring lengths (long-ring version provides extra reach and allows using larger lifting hooks) — see Dimensions page for part numbers:
 550 Lbs   1/4-20
 800 Lbs   5/16-18
 1000 Lbs   3/8-16
 2500 Lbs   1/2-13
 4000 Lbs   5/8-11
 5000 Lbs   3/4-10
 7000 Lbs   3/4-10
 8000 Lbs   7/8-9
 10000 Lbs   1"-8
 15000 Lbs   1-1/4"-7
 24000 Lbs   1-1/2"-6
 30000 Lbs   2"-4-1/2
 50000 Lbs   2-1/2"-4 and 2-1/2"-8
 75000 Lbs   3"-4
 100000 Lbs   3-1/2"-4
Also available with metric threads in the following load capacities.
 800 Lbs   M8
 1000 Lbs   M10
 2300 Lbs   M12
 4000 Lbs   M16
 4800 Lbs   M20
 6600 Lbs   M20
 9200 Lbs   M24
 10000 Lbs   M30
 15000 Lbs   M30
 24000 Lbs   M36
 27000 Lbs   M42
 30000 Lbs   M48
 48000 Lbs   M64
 69000 Lbs   M72
 110000 Lbs   M90

OPTIONAL ELECTROLESS NICKEL FINISH: These alloy-steel Swivel Hoist Rings are now also available with electroless nickel plating. This optional finish offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance while still providing the full load capacity of our heat-treated alloy-steel hoist rings. Electroless nickel is a hard, uniform coating that is very resistant to a wide range of chemicals, which makes these hoist rings suitable for many corrosive and marine environments. The following sizes are currently available from stock, with other sizes available by special order:
 800 Lbs   5/16-18
 1000 Lbs   3/8-16
 2500 Lbs   1/2-13
 4000 Lbs   5/8-11
 5000 Lbs   3/4-10

INSTALLATION: Fasten using the installation torque specified in the dimension table. Always install so that the hoist ring can pivot and swivel freely. Some hoist rings are available with a choice of bolt lengths. Use the shortest bolt length only for steel plates, the other lengths for weaker materials and for through-hole mounting with a washer and nut.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: See Hoist Ring Safety Precautions at the beginning of this catalog section.

MATERIAL: Alloy steel, heat treated, black oxide or electroless nickel finish (cadmium plating available as a special). 100% magnaflux inspected. DFARS and RoHS compliant.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.