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Adjustable Ball Lock Pin

Patent# US3101641A 

Issue Date:  08/27/1963 


Bracket and reversible base member assembly for fixture construction

Patent# US3387812A 

Issue Date: 10/19/1966


Modular Fixturing System

Patent# US4834358A 

Issue Date: 5/30/1989


Spring Stop-Button Adaptor for Modular Fixturing

Patent# US4832325A 

Issue Date: 05/23/1989  


Clamping Device

Patent# US5624106A 

Issue Date:  04/29/1997 


Gripping Device

Patent# US5624106A 

Issue Date:  04/29/1997 


Toggle Clamp with Compression Spindle Assembly for Clamping

Patent# US6905116B2 

Issue Date:  06/15/2005 


Captive Locating Screw with Swivel-Washer Hand Knob

Patent# US10393159B2          

Issue Date:  08/27/2019                


Multi-Slotted Locator Bushing

Patent# USD902270S1 

Issue Date:  11/17/2020 


Air Rest Button

Patent# US20190232446A1 

Issue Date:  04/27/2021


Captive Locating Screw with Swivel-Washer Hand Knob

Patent# US20190331146A1 

Issue Date:  Pending 

Clamping Device


Issue Date:  8/19/2016

Angularly Adjustable Locking Trunning


Issue Date: 6/20/1962


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