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Hand Knobs

Carr Lane manufactures a diverse range of hand knobs in various materials such as Aluminum Palm Grip, Phenolic, and Thermoplastic Fluted Knobs, as well as Thermoplastic and Cushion Grip Star Knobs. The Fluted Knobs and Star Knobs feature a robust molded-in brass insert, enhancing thread strength. Carr Lane's four-prong hand knobs are tailored for secure grip in applications needing rapid tightening and high torque. Additionally, Carr Lane provides three-prong thermoplastic knobs with tapped or tapped-through hole options. T-Handle knobs are designed for optimal leverage, ensuring strong clamping force. These machinery knobs are accessible in textured non-slip thermoplastic and Phenolic plastic with a durable, polished finish. Our collection encompasses a wide array of knob handles, from versatile plastic ball knobs to innovative ergonomic palm grip pull knob handles. Carr Lane's Adjustable Lever Handles offer flexibility with adjustable angles, perfect for tight spaces or specific handle positions. Browse our full offering of Hand Knobs below.