Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. is actively seeking to make investments in business or acquire business that meet the following criteria:

  1. Located in the USA, EU, or India
  2. Adjacent to our current lines of business especially manufacturing companies involved in automation, tooling, or engineering, in virtually any material. (except food processing)
  3. $250,000 to $2,000,000 in Annual After-Tax Earnings
  4. A history of strong financial performance
  5. An offering Price

Since 1952 Carr Lane Mfg. has been a family owned and operated business. Our goal is to re-invest and grow any acquisition; we have little interest in making changes to a successful business.  If we purchase your business many options are available for any acquisition. Options include investments as little as 51% with a role for current ownership/management guaranteed, an “earn-out” for current owners, purchase of certain assets within your current business, or a single transaction all-cash deal that could close very quickly.

Please click here to send an email to Colin Frost, Chief Operating Officer, or Steve Schlitt, Chief Financial Officer.