Look for your solution in these most frequently asked questions:

How can I quickly locate a product in Carr Lane Manufacturing's online catalog? 

Carr Lane Manufacturing's online catalog allows you to locate a product in different ways. First, you can scale down by using the subcategories listed. Second, you can use the search feature that appears as a green button on the left side of your screen. The search can be used by either typing in the Carr Lane Mfg. part number or the product name. 

How do I create an online website account? 

On the top right of your screen on the home page, click create an account. This will bring you to the correct page to create an account.

Why should I create an online website account? 

There are many benefits to creating an online account of having saved order history, quicker check out process, and saving projects in progress. Saved projects can only be shared within the same email domain. 

What is the current version of the print catalog?

The current version is the one that is available for download from our website. If you need the current version, email us your request

How do I access and download CAD Drawings? 

Over 18,000 CAD drawings are available on the Carr Lane Manufacturing website. CAD drawings can be downloaded from the website, from the button on the bottom left of the home page or you can gain access by finding the product in the online catalog and clicking on the part number for access to the 2D or 3D CAD drawing pertaining to the part. 

What is the standard metric thread pitch?

Unless stated, all METRIC threads used on Carr Lane Manufacturing products are coarse threads. 

What are the default tolerances for Carr Lane Manufacturing parts?

Click here to view those part tolerances.

What is the toggle clamp holding force?

All holding capacity values are listed along with the part number here.

How do I find an equivalent item to a competitor's part number?

Navigate to Pricing & Availability and enter the competitor part number for the Carr Lane Manufacturing equivalent.

What competitors' items are compared?

We offer a variety of competitor products in our comparison database, which is updated continuously. Compare now

How can I find a Carr Lane Manufacturing distributor?

Carr Lane Manufacturing has more than 200 distributors worldwide. Simply go to the Distributor Locator page and click on your location to find the Carr Lane Manufacturing distributor nearest you. 

What about outside the U.S and Canada? 

Carr Lane Manufacturing sells products all over the world. The Distributor Locator page will sort by country. If you live outside the one of our distributor areas, please email us and let us know. 

How do I become a Carr Lane Manufacturing Distributor? 

If you are interested in becoming a Carr Lane Manufacturing distributor, please contact our Executive Offices at 314.647.6200 or email us.

How can I find out the Price and Availability of Carr Lane Manufacturing Products? 

You can easily check the price and availability of Carr Lane Manufacturing parts. Simply find the product in the online catalog and click the part number to find pricing and availability of the product you need. If you only have a competitor's part number, you can use the Pricing & Availability to identify the Carr Lane Manufacturing part.

How may I obtain pricing and delivery information on special parts? 

Please contact our Estimating Department at 314.647.6200, email us and we will be pleased to quote your special requirements. Your local distributor can also be of help.

What tradeshows will you be exhibiting at? 

View all our upcoming tradeshows here

What is the leadtime for assembly items? 

Most assembly items ship the same day. Some items may take up to 3 business days.

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