CAD Models

Carr Lane Manufacturing offers parts for engineers in all areas of manufacturing. Choose from tooling components for jigs and fixtxures, toggle clamps, modular fixturing, drill jig bushings, and power workholding. Design engineers, manufacturing engineers and industrial equipment buyers use our products, which include handles and knobs, ball plungers, hoist rings, spring plungers, screw clamps, supports, rests, machine leveling feet, locators, clamp straps, fasteners, plug gages, threaded inserts, fixture bases, and hydraulic clamps. 

There are over 18,000 CAD models available through our on-line catalog for various Carr Lane products. All downloadable in several formats, including 3D. And all are free. It's all part of the Carr Lane Manufacturing's promise of quality to you, our customer, by providing the tools you need to make your job easier. 


Downloading Tips for IGES Files

Why do I get text documentation when opening an IGES file?

An IGES file format must be imported into your CAD software, where the file goes through a translation process. Then you will get an image instead of text.

Why don't I get a file download box?
The file download box must be turned on.

How do I open an IGES file when the file download box does not appear?
If the file download box does not appear (this box gives you the option to open the file in its current location or save the file. You want to save the file), try the following:
1. Click on the desired IGES file.
2. Click the right mouse button.
3. Select "Save Target As"
4. Save image to directory or disk.

Once the file has been saved, open CAD software and import the IGES file.

I can save the IGES file but how do I import it into my software?
You need to refer to your software manual for help. Each type of software may import images differently.