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Solid Carbide

Tapped Round Grippers can be either fastened from behind with a socket-head cap screw, or clamped with a set screw on the O.D. locking flat. (1/4" dia grippers do not have a locking flat.)

Serrated grippers installed in a fixture's locating surfaces dramatically increase resistance to movement by embedding themselves in the workpiece.

FEATURES: Serrated Round Grippers are hard, replaceable inserts used to provide additional holding force and/or wear resistance when installed in a fixture. These grippers are designed to slightly penetrate the workpiece to significantly increase gripping force, rather than relying on static friction alone. The carbide grippers shown here are the most durable. Made in USA.

SIZES: Available in the following diameters — see Dimensions page for part numbers:

INSTALLATION: These tapped Round Grippers can be fastened from behind with a socket-head cap screw, or clamped with a setscrew on the O.D. locking flat. Grippers can be recess-mounted in a flat-bottom hole, or surface mounted to use as a rest pad. When grippers are installed in a hole, they should project 50 to 100% of serration height for maximum effectiveness (serration height is .062" on grippers with .125" x 90° serrations). Tapped Round Grippers can also be installed in Gripper Swivel Pads and Gripper Swivel Contact Bolts.

MATERIAL: Solid carbide with steel thread insert.
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.