Heavy-Duty Latch Clamps Resist High Expansion Forces

 CL-400-PA    4,000 pounds
CL-500-PA      7,500 pounds

Carr Lane Manufacturing's vertical latch-action clamps, CL-400-PA and CL-500-PA, are made to resist the high expansion forces of polyurethane molds, with clamping forces of 4,000 pounds and 7,500 pounds. The base and optional latch plate are made of rugged alloy steel, and the clamps are also available in stainless and zinc coatings for extended wear in corrosive environments.

These latch clamps offer quick, economical clamping, with a threaded U bolt for adjustability. 

You can view these latch clamps in Carr Lane Manufacturing's online catalog -- CL-400-PA and CL-500-PA.