How Do I Use the Carr Lane Mfg. Parts Configurator?

You can click on a category to filter the product list. From there, click on the product of your choice. You will then enter your configured part quantity. Once you click “next,” you will be taken to the product-specific page.

From here, you will enter and select the specifications for your design. This can include things like size, color, materials, and features. Once you enter the specifications, click “Finish” to generate a CAD/part file and price.

What Types of Machine Parts Can Be Configured?

There are many different machine parts that we can configure:

  • Drill Bushings
  • Ball Lock Pins
  • Cables
  • Cable assemblies
  • Swing Clamps / Hook Clamps
  • Clamping pins
  • Detent Pins
  • L Pins
  • T Pins
  • Jig Pins
  • Clip Buddy
  • Four- Prong Knobs and Screw Clamps
  • Hinged Bushing plates
  • Locating Pins

What is the Lead Time for Configured Parts?

There isn’t one available lead time range for configured and custom parts. It all depends on the product involved, how you modify the configurations, and the specific part’s quantity. If five parts are needed, the lead time will likely be quicker than 500 parts. The materials needed also have an impact.

If you have questions about lead times, you can call us at 314-647-6200 or fill out a contact form.

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Do Configured Parts Have a Purchase Minimum?

Carr Lane Mfg. configured parts do not have a purchase minimum. You can create one or create multiple parts. We want our customers to have as much flexibility as possible and only pay for the needed parts.

Select a Category to Filter Product List

L Pins, T Pins, and Jig Pins

Captive Clamping Pins with Knurled Knob

Captive Locating Screws

Captive Locating Screws with Hand Knob

Clamping Pins

Hand Wheels

Four-Prong Knobs

Hook Clamps