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Carr Lane Manufacturing Company offers a toggle clamp for just about every application. These versatile clamps offer fast, easy workholding. Carr Lane Manufacturing's complete toggle clamp line includes horizontal- and vertical-handle and hold-down clamps, push/pull models, latch-action clamps, toggle pliers, and air-powered clamps. All are available in a range of sizes and holding capacities. 

Latest in its growing line is an assortment of self-adjusting, push/pull toggle clamps with spring-loaded plungers and latch-action hook clamps with a manual safety lock.

Also available is a range of automotive-type heavy-duty vertical-handle clamps with holding capacities up to 6,000 pounds. Designed to deliver both high clamping forces and long service life, these precision steel clamps are available as complete clamp units or basic toggle mechanisms with optional handles, grips, clamping arms, and base plates.

Patented automatic toggle clamps feature clamping action that automatically adjusts for different work piece thicknesses. The horizontal-handle automatic clamp works within a lower profile than its vertical-handle predecessor to consistently clamp varied parts and compensate for wear in long production runs. The unique automatic toggle edge clamp is similar to the other automatic models, but applies force both forward and downward at the same time.

Many toggle clamps from Carr Lane Manufacturing can be ordered in a stainless steel as well as standard steel finishes. Mini sizes and clamps for heavy-duty applications are other options, as well as straight or flanged bases and open or solid arms.

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