Custom Made Bushings – Build-An-ANSI Part No.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co. offers a large assortment of standard drill bushings, but is also glad to satisfy orders for custom-made bushings online. Use our Build-A-Part tool to design custom drill bushings and an ANSI Part number manufactured specifically for your unique needs.

Choose between a Press-Fit or Head Press-Fit Bushing type, indicate product dimensions and material to determine the ANSI part number associated with your request.

If your specifications are not available as a standard ANSI part number, our experienced engineers will assist you in manufacturing custom-made bushings unique to your application. Design your own durable, high-quality Carr Lane custom drill bushings below.

Build An ANSI Part Number Tool

  • Bushing Type
  • Part Dimensions
  • Material
  • Part Number
Select a Bushing Type
Select the Bushing Type that you wish to create as a custom part.
Define Part Dimensions
Set the Unit of Measure and Dimensions of your Bushing
Inch Metric
Select Bushing Material
Select the Bushing Material for your Part. Carbide only available in US Standard Measurements.
Your Part Builder