More Than 100,000 Items

Complete Line of Tooling Components

The world's largest selection of tooling components for jigs and fixtures are offered by Carr Lane Manufacturing Company. The complete line includes toggle clamps, modular fixturing, drill bushings, chuck jaws, pins, spring-loaded devices, power workholding, and much more. Many components are available in stainless steel and metric sizes. All can be viewed in our online catalog.

Some of Carr Lane Manufacturing's most popular products include adjustable locking hubs, all types of knobs, marine ball lock and detent pins, bar-handle nuts and screw clamps, handscrew clamps, cam bar clamps, self-adjusting push/pull toggle clamps with self-adjusting plungers, and latch-action clamps with manual safety locks. 

Carr Lane Manufacturing also has the msot extensive CAD/CAM tooling library available, with 20,000 drawings available for download free online.