Clip Buddy with Pneumatic Actuation Information


Pneumatic Cylinder Upgrade ​- Includes pneumatic cylinder, mounting adapters, 4 fittings as show and Ø4mm(5/32) airline.  ​
(1meter per CLM-4CYL-BUD + 2m per order) 


Option 1:  Pneumatic Actuators

On-fixture actuation for units equipped with CLM-4CYL-BUD.  Shop air hookup is not required 

            CLM-PA6-BUD                                                                                                                 CLM-PA10-BUD
            For 1-6 Clip Buddies with CLM-4CYL-BUD                                                                      For 1-10 Clip Buddies with CLM-4CYL-BUD

Route the airlines for CLM-PA6-BUD/CLM-PA10-BUD such that the total line length is no longer than necessary.  Use a branch/wye type of layout rather than a manifold type layout

All necessary fittings and airline are included with orders that include CLM-4CYL-BUD and CLM-PA6-BUD or CLM-PA10-BUD


Option 2:  Shop Air


Regulator-Valve Set ​
(includes fittings, gage, & mounting bracket)

Adjust CLM-RV-BUD air pressure to be the minimum necessary to actuate all Clip Buddies repeatably, often less than 20psi.  User must evaluate and verify the safe operating conditions based on the user’s criteria. ​All necessary fittings and airlines are included with orders that include CLM-4CYL-BUD and CLM-RV-BUD.




Patent 10,072,685