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At Eastec 2021, discover the difference of Carr Lane Manufacturing, and learn why we are the undisputed leader in the tooling components manufacturing industry. 

Since 1952, Carr Lane has become experts in our field. Primarily known for our industry-leading jig & fixture components, we offer over 100,000 products in our catalog and offer custom solutions for any application. 

We welcome you to join us at Eastec in October 19-20, 2021. Stop by our booth 5659 to learn about our latest products and view those that have made us industry leaders. 

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Featured Items at Eastec 2021

Floating Clamps
New Item!

Floating Clamps are position-flexible clamping devices. The top jaw and bottom jaw together provide a floating clamping point that adjusts to the workpiece before locking, to prevent deformation. These combination clamp/supports are often used in conjunction with primary locators and clamps, providing additional support points to reduce machining vibration. Floating Clamps are especially useful for clamping forgings, ribbed or flanged castings, and other larger parts.

To initiate clamping, push the Floating Clamp downward, then immediately swing the jaws into clamping position. The clamping jaws will automatically rise so that the bottom jaw contacts the workpiece with a light spring force. Next, tighten the top hex nut 11 ft-lbs minimum to 22 ft-lbs maximum, depending on the support load capacity desired. During the tightening process, the workpiece is clamped and simultaneously supported.

For custom applications, the standard upper clamping jaw supplied can be replaced by a special clamping jaw.
DropZero™ Modular Zero-Point System
New Item!

Our new DropZero Modular Zero-Point System enables you to completely machine a workpiece in one setup, significantly reducing setup time and fixturing costs. With a few quick turns of a wrench, DropZero clamping modules locate, support, and securely clamp the workpiece from underneath, providing full machining access to 5 sides.

Clamping modules can be mounted exactly where required, anywhere on the fixture plate. These modules fit perfectly on all of Carr Lane’s 1/2” and 5/8” modular tooling plates and blocks, but can also be used with non-modular tooling. Clamping modules elevate the workpiece for machine-spindle clearance, and are stackable for extra height.

Pull-down studs must be fastened to the underside of the workpiece. Most setups require one zero-point stud (for primary two-axis location), one diamond stud (for single-axis location), and one or more floating studs (for additional support and clamping without location).
ON-SIZE® Bushings for Bullet-Nose Dowels – Head Type
New Item!

ON-SIZE® Bushings are made from Invar 36, a 36% nickel-iron alloy that has an extremely low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. Invar material is particularly useful in applications where minimum thermal expansion and high dimensional stability is required. Useful in high temperature applications up to 750°F (400°C), these products will maintain their size and accuracy even under heat-cool multiple cycles.

The precision bushings shown here are used with Bullet-Nose Dowels to align two pieces of a fixture. Also available in headless style. The bushing's ID and OD are concentric to within .0003" TIR. Available for pin diameters 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2" (6, 8, 10, and 12mm in metric). Made in USA.
LIFE-EX® Diamond Pins
Now available with LIFE-EX® coating!

Popular sizes of Round & Diamond Pins are now available with our proprietary LIFE-EX coating. This PVD coating is very hard, abrasion resistant, and slippery, resulting in a component that has a longer lifecycle for high-production applications. This extended lifecycle allows these items to remain in production longer with less need for replacement than standard uncoated items.

Round & Diamond Pins are precision locating pins with a chamfered tip for easy part loading, and a shoulder to resist downward forces – important advantages over standard dowel pins. One Round Pin and one Diamond Pin are often used together to locate from two machined holes in a workpiece, or to align two pieces of a fixture, without binding. Diamond pins are relieved, to locate only in 1 axis. Head and shank diameters are concentric to within .0005" TIR. Made in USA.
Captive Locating Screws
Now also available in metric!

Captive Locating Screws can be used for locating and clamping, or for clamping only, by selecting the appropriate screw length. The locating screw's precision-ground body is positively retained in a locking bushing. In fully retracted position, the bushing's spring clip snaps into the body's radial groove. This holds the screw fully retracted by spring force and positively prevents removal. Spring pressure also holds the screw in intermediate extended positions, an advantage especially if the fixture is turned upside down. Available in thread sizes from 1/4-20 to 1/2-13 (M6 to M12 in metric). Made in USA.

The complete assemblies listed below include a Captive Locating Screw, Locking-Pin Bushing, and Lockscrew. Choice of standard or long bushing in most sizes, for installation in thinner or thicker plates. Locking-Pin Bushings are designed to press fit in a standard reamed hole, and can be further secured with the included Lockscrew to positively hold the bushing in place.
Ball Lock Pins
Ball Lock Pins are high-strength, quick-release alignment pins with a precision ground shank. Ball Lock Pins are positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract (double-acting version releases by pushing or pulling). Carr Lane offers a large assortment of Ball Lock Pins including heavy-duty Ball Lock Pins, adjustable Ball Lock Pins, lifting pins, marine pins, double acting Ball Lock Pins and ball lock receiver caps that are ideal for securing Ball Lock Pins used in clevis applications.
Toggle Clamps
Carr Lane offers an industry-leading line of heavy duty toggle clamps including horizontal-handle toggle clamps, vertical-handle toggle clamps, push/pull toggle clamps, toggle edge clamps, latch-action toggle clamps, toggle pliers, air-powered toggle clamps and a complete line of toggle clamp accessories. All Carr Lane clamping products are proudly made in the USA.