Visit Carr Lane at Fabtech Mexico

Carr Lane Manufacturing is proud to return to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico, to participate in the 2024 Fabtech Mexico trade show. We invite our customers to meet with us in person, to see our products up close, and to learn more about how Carr Lane Manufacturing remains a world leader in the manufacturing industry.

At Fabtech Mexico 2024, attendees are encouraged to try our new products, ask questions, and discover how Carr Lane Manufacturing can be your one source for all your tooling component needs. 


If you plan to attend Fabtech Mexico May 7-9, 2024, in Monterrey, Mexico, please add us to your list. We will be in stand 2322. Want to request an appointment to meet with us at the show? Please  email us with your questions or interest and we'll contact you in advance to ensure we have the opportunity to talk in person.

Products You'll See At Fabtech Mexico!

Toggle Clamps
Carr Lane offers an industry-leading line of heavy duty toggle clamps including horizontal-handle toggle clamps, vertical-handle toggle clamps, push/pull toggle clamps, toggle edge clamps, latch-action toggle clamps, toggle pliers, air-powered toggle clamps and a complete line of toggle clamp accessories. All Carr Lane clamping products are proudly made in the USA. Browse the complete line of Carr Lane toggle clamps in our online catalog.
Handles, Knobs & Screw Clamps
Carr Lane offers a diverse selection of knobs and handles, screw clamps & more for machinery, jigs, fixtures & tooling through its online catalog. Knobs include fluted, four-prong, three-prong, t-handle, bar-handle & knurled varieties, while handles include solid, revolving, lever, crank, adjustable, knob and pull varieties. Screw clamps include socket head, knurled, bar-handle, latch screws & more. Machining hand wheels and feet for swivel screws are also included in this category. Carr Lane offers knobs and handles in a variety of finishes, including cast-iron, stainless steel, thermoplastic, phenolic and more. Knobs and Handles and Screw Clamps are available in various thread sizes and designs offering customized solutions to meet your needs. Browse our knobs, handles & screw clamps in Carr Lane's online product catalog. 
Tiny Vise® Edge Clamps
Tiny Vise® Edge Clamps are the best! These mini edge clamps securely grip the side of a workpiece to keep the top clear for machining. Patented design features a slotted countersink to provide strong, reliable clamping force with the easy turn of a hex wrench. These compact clamps are ideal for fixturing multiple parts, small or large. They look so simple, but work amazingly well, with major advantages over earlier designs.
Internal Clamps
Internal clamps manufactured by Carr Lane expand to clamp on the inside diameter of a workpiece, leaving the outside clear for machining. Most internal clamps are self-centering to simultaneously locate and clamp. These self-centering clamps allow for close mounting for multi-part machining on vertical and horizontal machining centers. Carr Lane internal clamps are available in seven sizes to hold inside diameters from 0.26” to 2.06.” Also, see our line of self-centering Power Bore Clamps. All Carr Lane internal clamps are proudly made in the USA. 
Ball Lock Pins
Ball Lock Pins are high-strength, quick-release alignment pins with a precision ground shank. Ball Lock Pins are positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract (double-acting version releases by pushing or pulling). Carr Lane offers a large assortment of Ball Lock Pins including heavy-duty Ball Lock Pins, adjustable Ball Lock Pins, lifting pins, marine pins, double acting Ball Lock Pins and ball lock receiver caps that are ideal for securing Ball Lock Pins used in clevis applications. Browse available Ball Lock Pins, lifting pins, marine pins & more in the Carr Lane online product catalog.