Agricultural Tooling Components

Carr Lane Mfg. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of agricultural tooling components, producing a complete line of farm equipment parts including toggle clamps, rest pads, four-prong knobs & screw clamps, nuts, washers, trunnions, gripper bolts and no-rebound hammers.

Farm equipment manufacturing companies rely on dependable agricultural tooling components to build equipment that meets the demands of those who make a living off their products. Carr Lane delivers. Many agricultural equipment manufacturers today utilize robotic welding to speed up production and ensure a consistent, dependable product comes off the assembly line. Carr Lane offers agricultural tooling components like the Carr Lock® system to provide accurate and simultaneous locating and clamping with incredible hold down force and repeatability. For all your agricultural equipment & tooling needs, turn to the experts at Carr Lane. 

New Agricultural Tooling Products

Hinged Bushing Plates

Hinged Bushing Plates are precise, heavy-duty bushing-plate assemblies for large-scale production jigs. The swing-away arm is precision ground but left unhardened for installing drill bushings (wear surfaces are hard welded and ground). 


  • The arm swings open a full 120° for loading clearance. 
  • The mounting base is hardened and precisely ground to provide accurate location. 
  • The base includes liner bushings as bearings for the hardened pivot pin, and a half-turn latch screw. Hinged Bushing Plates are available in three sizes. Made in the USA.
Modular Hinged Bushing Plates

  • Modular Hinged Bushings Plates are precise, heavy-duty busing-plate assemblies for large-scale production jigs. 
  • The Modular Hinged Bushing Plate can be ordered as a standard kit or configured to be customized to your application.
  • Modular Hinged Bushings Plates are available in two sizes. Made in the USA. 
Headless Carr Lock® Clamps

  • The Headless Carr Lock® System allows accurately locating and clamping at the same time, with just the turn of a hex wrench. Ideal for mounting quick-change tooling on a subplate while taking minimal real estate on the top of your fixture. 
  • The Headless Carr Lock® Clamp comes in two variants, primary (-1) and secondary (-2). 
  •  The primary clamp is used to accurately locate your plate while the looser fit on the secondary clamp reduces binding. Made in the USA, available in 13mm, 16mm, and 20mm Shank Diameters.

Standard Agriculture Components Made in the USA

Carr Lane offers a complete line of standard agricultural tooling components; in-stock and ready to ship. From hoist rings to Toggle Clamps, Spring-Stop Buttons & Trunnions, Carr Lane delivers innovative equipment for agriculture equipment manufacturers. 

Products for Robotic Welding

Robotic welding is key to helping agricultural equipment manufacturers speed up production processes and ensure consistency and dependability in the production line. With Carr Lane, manufacturers can find a solution that ensures consistent, long-lasting performance.

Carr Lock® Clamps

The Carr Lock® System allows accurately locating and clamping at the same time, with just the turn of a hex wrench, and is ideal for mounting quick-change tooling on a subplate. Each mounting point consists of three components:


(1) A Carr Lock® Clamp, with a precisely ground shank; 

(2) A Carr Lock® Liner Bushing or clearance hole in the top plate; 

(3) A Carr Lock® Receiver Bushing in the subplate.

Air-Powered Clamps

Air-Powered Swing Clamps are a pneumatic version of our popular hydraulic Swing Clamps, for applications requiring light clamping force. 

  • The clamping arm swings clear for easy loading using a sturdy helical-cam mechanism operated by a double-acting air cylinder. 
LIFE-EX® Round Pins

Popular sizes of Round & Diamond Pins are now available with our proprietary LIFE-EX coating.

  • This PVD coating is very hard, abrasion resistant, and slippery, resulting in a component that has a longer lifecycle for high-production applications. 
  • This extended lifecycle allows these items to remain in production longer with less need for replacement than standard uncoated items.