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Carr Lane Mfg. designs dependable and versatile products with a quality guarantee for various applications. Most Carr Lane Mfg. products comprise either steel, stainless steel, Delrin® polyoxymethylene, or Nylon thermoplastic tooling materials.

Carr Lane Mfg. manufactures products with seven different grades of steel, each with varying degrees of strength, ductility, and wear resistance.

Five different grades of stainless steel are used in our product lines, from Grade 303 stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance capabilities, to high-carbon 440C steel.

Delrin® is common when impact resistance is not a high priority, while the opposite holds for Nylon thermoplastic.

Learn more about the composition, features & benefits of each material commonly found in Carr Lane products below.



Steel Tooling Components

Steel: it’s more than just metal; it’s an alchemy of elements, each variant crafted for precision and purpose. Carr Lane Mfg. utilizes a spectrum of steel types, catering to distinct industrial needs.

12L14 and 1018 are the machinist’s friends, tailored for effortless machining and welding, perfect for complex designs and structures. 1144 and 4130 lean on the firmer side. Whether it’s the demand of a racecar’s frame or an aircraft’s wing, these grades promise durability and resilience.

Ever heard of a metal that refuses to change with high temperature? Meet Invar 36, the marvel for aerospace and electronics, where stability is paramount.

And then, there are the stalwarts: A-2 and A36. From a tool’s cutting edge to a bridge’s span, they are testaments to versatility.

Curious about the alchemy behind these metals? Learn more about the different types of steel used in our products.

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Stainless Steel Tooling Components

The shimmer of stainless steel is more than aesthetics. It’s a testament to its robustness and adaptability. At Carr Lane Mfg., we harness the unique properties of different stainless steel grades:

303 and 304 are the champions of workability. Their excellent machinability and corrosion resistance make them industry favorites for diverse applications.

Need something with more robust resistance to corrosive environments? 316 is your alloy, often preferred in marine applications or chemical processing environments.

When you think about a blend of strength and toughness, 17-4PH comes to mind. It’s ideal for applications with high strength and a modest corrosion resistance level.

And for the times when hardness is paramount, 440C stands tall, making its mark in precision tools and ball bearings.

Intrigued by the stories these grades tell? Discover the intricacies and applications of each stainless steel type with us.

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Other Materials

In the world of precision manufacturing, not everything is carved from metal. Carr Lane understands the power of adaptability; thus, we offer products crafted from innovative materials.

Delrin® polyoxymethylene isn’t just any plastic. It’s known for its high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability, making it a top pick for gears, bearings, and more.

Nylon thermoplastic is lightweight yet robust. Nylon stands resilient against wear, abrasion, and temperature. Whether it’s in insulating components or mechanical parts, Nylon’s versatility shines.

Both these materials defy expectations in engineering realms. Explore their nuances and see how Carr Lane Mfg. harnesses their potential for varied applications and tooling designs.

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