Solutions For All Sizes of Rotary Tables

Fixture Plate Mounted on Rotary Table

  • Vise-Adaptor Fixture Plate with 5-Axis Vise
  • Modular Fixture Plate
  • Modular Fixture Plate with Riser Block
  • Blank Fixture Plate

Method 1 is ideal for small rotary tables up to 210mm diameter, but can also be used for larger tables up to 400mm diameter. These fixture plates are accurately located and fastened directly on the rotary table. This simple, economical method allows using 5-Axis Vises, modular fixturing, or dedicated permanent fixturing.

Quintus Quick-Change Riser
Mounted on Rotary Table

  • Quintus Riser with with
    5-Axis Vise
  • Quintus Riser with
    Modular Fixture Plate
  • Quintus Riser with
    Blank Fixture Plate

Method 2 utilizes our Quintus Quick-Change Risers to achieve full quick-change fixturing benefits on rotary tables 250mm diameter and larger. A Quintus Quick-Change Riser provides additional height for spindle clearance, and can be quickly and accurately mounted directly on the rotary table at its center.

Subplate Mounted on Rotary Table

  • Subplate with
    Quintus Riser and 5-Axis Vise
  • Subplate with
    Riser Block

  • Subplate with
    Carr Lock Fixture Plate
  • Subplate used as
    Modular Fixture Plate

Method 3 is appropriate for medium and large machine tables, achieving further quick-change benefits for the entire riser assembly. Using this method, the Quintus riser is mounted on a subplate to allow quick exchange of the riser with other fixturing.