Adjustable Locking Hubs Technical Information


In locked position, the locking-pin hub and release-pin hub are positively engaged by high-strength locking pins.






When the release button is pressed, against spring force, push pins force the locking pins to disengage. The hub is now free to rotate. After reaching the desired angle, releasing the button again allows the locking pins to extend back into locked position.




Adjustable Locking Hubs are often used in pairs, with both push buttons facing outward for easy access.

Connect two Adjustable Locking Hubs at 90° (with pipe or tubing) for full 5-axis positioning (right image). Hub extensions allow convenient mounting to flat plates and angles, as well as to pipe and tubing (left image).

Mounting flanges are ideal for attaching Adjustable Locking Hubs to flat surfaces. Heavy-duty hubs are available with either two mounting flanges, or one mounting flange and one round end.