Oil-Groove Bushings Technical Information

Oil grooves are available on most drill-bushing types, including P, H, and SF. Use when you need complete drill lubrication and cooling, such as when drilling hardened steel. Oil grooves are specially designed coolant passageways in the bushing's ID wall. Choose from 25 different groove styles. End wipers are also available, to keep out dirt and chips.

Three General Types:

1. With oil hole. A single radial hole in the bushing wall allows coolant to flow from a manifold passage to the internal oil grooves. Bushing must be installed to line up the radial hole with the manifold passage.

2. With oil hole and external groove. OD groove allows coolant to flow around the bushing, then through the radial hole in the bushing's wall to the internal oil grooves. Allows installing the bushing at any orientation, and mounting bushings in series using a single manifold passage. This type is our most popular.

3. Without oil feed. No external coolant feed through a manifold passage, so all coolant enters through the top. This type is also commonly used as a bearing bushing, packed with oil or grease.

Oil-Groove Styles:
We offer a wide selection of oil-groove styles in each general type. This allows choosing a style to suit various operating conditions, lubrication requirements, and individual preferences.

Optional Wipers:
To guard against dirt and chips entering the bushing ID, order oil-groove bushings with a wiper end. Note: do not order an oil-groove style that breaks out at the wiper end (AA, AB, AG, AH, AD, or AE).Order style AAA for headless bushings (install wiper in either direction). Order style ABB or ACC for head-type bushings.