Different Types of Toggle Clamps

A Toggle Clamp is used to securely locate stationary workpieces and other components in position through a combination of levers and pivot points. This quick-acting and versatile workholding product is available in a variety of action types that have specific applications and designs based on an operator’s requirements. Toggle clamps are especially useful for injection molding, production lines, and welding applications.

What are the Basic Toggle Clamp Action Types?

Learn more about the six basic toggle clamp action types below.   



Horizontal-Handle Hold-Down Toggle Clamps

These quick-acting hold-down clamps feature a handle that is locked in a horizontal position. Pushing the handle of a horizontal toggle clamp downward pivots the clamping arm down in the opposite direction and then locks over center.  
Horizontal-Handle Hold-Down Toggle Clamps are very flexible and have a variety of applications. They can be used for bonding, drilling, molding, milling, sealing, machine tool positioning, production fixtures, welding fixtures, and more. 


Plunger-Type Push/Pull Toggle Clamps


Plunger-Type, or Push/Pull Toggle Clamps incorporate a sliding plunger to provide a straight-line clamping action. These clamps involve a toggle action that moves and locks the plunger in the pushing direction.
The applications of a Plunger-Type Push/Pull Toggle Clamp are similar to Horizontal-Handle Hold-Down Toggle Clamps. They can be used for bonding, drilling, molding, milling, sealing, machine tool positioning, production fixtures, welding fixtures, and more. 


Latch-Action Toggle Clamps

Latch-Action Toggle Clamps can be designed to include a variety of bolt mechanisms such as Adjustable U-Bolts, Right Angle Adjustable U-Bolts, Adjustable Hooks or Fixed Length Hooks. Operators should choose Latch-Action Toggle Clamps based on the required holding capacity needs. 
These latching toggle clamps are durable and designed to adapt to various applications. Latch-Action Toggle Clamps are especially useful when a straight pulling action is needed for clamping. 

Vertical-Handle Hold-Down Toggle Clamps

Vertical-Handle Hold-Down Toggle Clamps are quick-acting, hold-down clamps with a vertically locked handle. Moving the handle upward pivots the clamping arm downward, then locks over center. The lever locks a Clamping Spindle in place against the work surface, tightly securing workpieces and other components in position.  
The main applications for Vertical-Handle Hold-Down Toggles include the location and positioning of components and workpieces that are involved with drilling, welding, milling, and woodworking.  


Squeeze-Action Toggle Pliers


Squeeze-Action Toggle Pliers combine a squeezing motion with a toggle action to allow for an accurate and durable hold. They provide a quick-acting alternative to screw-tightened C clamps. These locking toggle pliers incorporate either one or two threaded spindles greater precision while setting clamping thickness.