Carr Lane Bushing & Threaded Inserts Technical Information


Precision Bushing


Key Insert

FEATURES: These precision bushings and threaded inserts can be used to build your own custom modular tooling plates. When used together, the bushing and threaded insert will create a standard multipurpose hole.

SIZES: Available for mini (5/16"), Standard (1/2"), and Heavy (5/8") modular systems.

INSTALLATION: Bushing-installation holes in the tooling plate must be jig bored. See Dimensions page for proper counterbore depth. To make installation easier, the threaded insert's locking keys can be driven down by the bushing as it is pressed into the tooling plate.

MATERIAL: Precision Bushing > 1144 Stressproof steel, heat treated to archieve Rc 62-64 ID hardness. Key Insert > 1215 steel, black oxide finish, with 302 stainless steel keys.