What Are Shark Clamps?

Shark Clamps are heavy-duty quick-acting jaw clamps, Figure 8-70. Simply press the side pushbutton to allow sliding the handle freely in and out. The two pivoting contact pads have mounting holes to allow attaching custom clamping pads or for stationary mounting. Optional no-mar rubber pads are available separately. There is a choice of two handle styles. The T-handle version provides greater tightening leverage and features a copper-plated clamping screw to resist spatter in welding applications. The straight-handle version has a comfortable screwdriver-type handle extension for more-ergonomic handling. To clamp, simply press the quick-action pushbutton to slide the handle forward, moving the jaws into clamping position, then release the button and turn the handle to apply clamping force. To unclamp, turn the handle to release clamping force, then press the pushbutton to slide the handle back.

Shark Clamps
Figure 8-70. Shark Clamps are quick-acting jaw clamps with a wide throat.