Zero-Point Systems Resources

Mechanical Zero-Point System

These systems, like the powered versions of Zero-Point Systems, consist of a receiver that provides retention and a pin that provides location.  

Quintus Risers 

Quintus Quick-Change Risers provide accurate location and secure clamping while also providing quick-change capability and elevating the workpiece for improved spindle access – all in one compact unit. To locate and clamp a fixture, the Quintus 1 riser utilizes two integral locating pins, a round pin for zero-point centering and a diamond pin for single-axis centering, and a single pull-down bolt that provides 2,700 lbs. of pull-down force. 

There are two other sizes of the Quintus riser, Quintus 2 and Quintus 3. The Quintus 2 riser utilizes two pull down bolts – one with zero-point centering, the other with single-axis centering – providing 2 x 4,500 lbs. of pull-down force. To locate and clamp a fixture, the Quintus 3 riser utilizes three pull-down bolts – one with zero-point centering, one with single-axis centering, and one without centering – providing 3 x 4,500 lbs. of pull-down force. 

A key feature of the Quintus riser is that it does not require any adapter plates, the fixture plates or vises attach directly to it.. Designed for quick change, as well as zero point accuracy, fixture change takes only seconds. Fixture plates are available, also, to mount directly on the Quintus 1 or 2 riser. Simply screw the Quintus pins to the bottom of the plate, place it on the Quintus riser, and tighten the locking mechanism. Round fixture plates to mount on the Quintus are available either as blanks, or multi-function plates in 130mm, 160mm and 250mm. Rectangular plates are available in sizes 100mm X 250mm or 150mm X 250mm, also as blank or multi-function plates. The Quintus 3 Riser will serve as the riser for larger vises, or custom fixture plates. The Quintus pull down pins are available to facilitate adapting your custom fixture plates to the Quintus. 

Pull-Down Pins 

Fixtures attached to the Quintus Quick Change Riser require the appropriate number of pulldown pins to enable the quick change and zero point features of the riser. Due to the differing sizes of the three risers, each has a different requirement for the pull-down pins. With the smallest Quintus riser, the pull down pin performs only the pull down function, since the zero point function is provided by the round and diamond pins in the riser. For the Quintus 2 and 3, the pins perform both the pull-down and zero point functions. The Quintus 2 pull-down pins are one zero point, and one radial alignment style, while the Quintus 3 uses one zero point, one radial alignment and one pin whose only function is to provide pull down force. 


This system is primarily designed for the pull-down studs to be directly attached to the workpiece. Suitable with larger workpieces, especially die and mold machining, this mechanical system is modular. The clamping module can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces including threaded plates.  For locating and retention the DROP-ZERO uses the same cartridge as the Quintus Risers. 

Powered Zero-Point System

STARK Zero Point 

STARK Zero-Point systems use a clamping module to simultaneously locate and clamp a tool using a pull-down pin. Applying hydraulic pressure releases locking balls the clamping module to allow the pin to be removed. When hydraulic pressure is released again, Belleville springs re-engage the locking balls to pull the fixture down securely into position. The pump unit can then be disconnected for machining