Swivel Hoist Rings, Hoist Rings & Lifting Pins

What is a Hoist Ring?  

Hoist Rings are heavy-duty lifting rings used to lift or lower various loads. They operate as a connecting point between your hoist and the load you are trying to move. Hoist rings are especially useful given their unique shape that fits nearly any hoist and application. Types of hoist rings include low-profile standard hoist rings, which attach directly to a mounting surface with socket-head cap screws, swivel hoist rings, capable of a 180-degree pivot and 360-degree rotation, and lifting pins. The type of hoist ring and capacity required varies on factors such as load weight, size, and material. All Carr Lane Mfg. hoist rings meet or exceed a 5:1 safety factor and most meet or exceed ASTM B30.26. For specific compliance information please consult the product catalog. 

What is a Shouldered Eye-Bolt? 

A “Shouldered” Eye-Bolt, also known as a Lifting Eye, has an elongated section between the eye and the end of the threads that is designed to reduce the bending moment created when force is applied at an angle when compared to the orientation of the threads. Lifting at an angle, even with a Shouldered Eye-Bolt or Lifting Eye, increases the force applied to the lifting device; always calculate the actual working load before performing any lift (using our calculator!). 

What makes a Swivel Hoist Ring different from an Eye-Bolt? 

Swivel Hoist Rings pivot 180 degrees and swivel 360 degrees even when under load unlike other lifting devices that are not capable of swiveling under load. Swiveling under load allows the load to be repositioned under load or be rotated during the lift. It is critical to note that repositioning the load may increase the force applied to the Hoist Ring beyond its’ designed limit. Always calculate the load prior to performing any lift.