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Carr Lane offers a diverse selection of knobs and handles, screw clamps & more for machinery, jigs, fixtures & tooling through its online catalog. Knobs include fluted, four-prong, three-prong, t-handle, bar-handle & knurled varieties, while handles include solid, revolving, lever, crank, adjustable, knob and pull varieties. Screw clamps include socket head, knurled, bar-handle, latch screws & more. Machining hand wheels and feet for swivel screws are also included in this category. Carr Lane offers knobs and handles in a variety of finishes, including cast-iron, stainless steel, thermoplastic, phenolic and more. Knobs and Handles and Screw Clamps are available in various thread sizes and designs offering customized solutions to meet your needs. Browse our knobs, handles & screw clamps online below.