How Do I Enter This Part Number?

Helpful Hints On Searching For Carr Lane Manufacturing Part Numbers

  • Include "CL" as a prefix, except on searches for bushings

Component Parts

  • "CL-2500-SHR-2" or "CL2500SHR2"
  • "CL-MF25-5401" or "CLMF255401"
  • "CL-1-SW" or "CL1SW"
  • "CL-8-BLPT-1.50" or "CL8BLPT1.50"

Component Parts in Lots

Some parts we sell in lot sizes. For the best price, be sure to order the lot size part.

  • "CL-1-F-1000" or "CL1F1000" meaning one bag of 1,000 1F parts.
  • "CL-1-C-100FT" or "CL1C100FT" meaning one 100 foot roll of a 1C
  • "CL-1-C-1000FT" or "CL1C1000FT" meaning one 1,000 foot roll of a 1C

Metric Parts

  • "CLM-6-FN" or "CLM6FN"
  • "CLM-8X125-STUD" or "CLM8125STUD"


Bushings use standard ANSI codes. Use only the ANSI codes for accurate results.

  • "P-32-8-.3125" or "P328.3125"
  • "SF-128-24-1.5000" or "SF128241.5000"
  • "L-40-4-24" or "L40424"


What Is This "Invalid Item Number"?

If you receive this response while searching for a part, please carefully check your part entry against the examples given on this page. 

Also, please be aware the item number you are entering may be a special or a modified standard item, even though it is listed as a possible item in the catalog. Cable assemblies, special bushings and locating pins, step gages, and non-standard length ball lock and detent pins also will fail on this availability check, even though they are perfectly legitimate items. Certain of these modified standard items are now able to be priced using our item configurator. Please refer to "Configured Item Instructions" for the proper number formats. At this time, not every possible item in this category is available, only those listed under the instructions. We are planning to expand this functionality in the near future. 

If the item desired is not one of the available configured items, you may contact our Customer Service or Estimating Departments, or one of the authorized distributors listed on the Distributor Locator portion of the site. We regularly supply special products and will be pleased to quote your requirements.