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Captive Clamping Pins with Knurled Knob

Captive & Clamping Pins

Carr Lane Captive Clamping Pins have a knurled knob for tightening by hand and a pin body that is positively retained in a locking bushing. In fully retracted position, the bushing’s spring clip snaps into the pin’s radial groove. This holds the pin fully retracted by the force of the spring. These pins also incorporate a positive thread stop (the .10”-long unthreaded portion with a square shoulder, above the threads) to positively prevent screwing the pin past the spring clip. Pressure from the spring also holds the screw in intermediate extended positions, this is especially an advantage if the fixture is turned upside down. Available in fine-thread sizes from #10-32 to 3/8-24. Carr Lane captive clamping pins are proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.