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Captive Locating Screws with Hand Knob

Captive & Clamping Pins

These Captive Locating Screws have an integral hand knob for tightening by hand. Captive Locating Screws can be used for locating and clamping, or for clamping only, by selecting the appropriate screw length. The locating screw's precision-ground body is positively retained in a locking bushing. In fully retracted position, the bushing's spring clip snaps into the body's radial groove. This holds the screw fully retracted by spring force and positively prevents removal. Spring pressure also holds the screw in intermediate extended positions, an advantage especially if the fixture is turned upside down. Available in thread sizes from 1/4-20 to 1/2-13 (M6 to M12 in metric). Made in USA.

The complete assemblies listed below include a Captive Locating Screw, Locking-Pin Bushing, and Lockscrew. Choice of standard or long bushing in most sizes, for installation in thinner or thicker plates. Locking-Pin Bushings are designed to press fit in a standard reamed hole, and can be further secured with the included Lockscrew to positively hold the bushing in place.