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Clamp Straps

Clamp Straps & Clamping Kits

Carr Lane Clamp Straps are extremely versatile, heavy-duty clamping devices that can exert considerable holding force. A clamp-strap assembly is essentially a beam-and-fulcrum setup that converts screw torque into clamping force using a lever. Included in the Clamp Straps section of the Carr Lane catalog are Forged Adjustable Clamps, Slotted-Heel Clamp Straps, Tapped-Heel Clamp Straps, Swivel-Heed Clamp Straps, Double-End Clamp Straps, Step Clamps, Forged U Clamps and High-Rise Clamps. Many Carr Lane Clamp Strap Assemblies are available in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Browse all Carr Lane Clamp Strap Assemblies below.