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Bushing Handles

Drill Bushings

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Carr Lane drill jig bushing handles help easily guide, position and support your cutting tools for precision, accuracy and efficiency. Drill Jig Bushing Handles provide convenient handling and extra drilling support when using a portable drill motor and are available in the two versions shown below.

Quick-Change Bushing Handles are ready to hold Slip/Fixed Renewable Drill Bushings in a choice of three OD sizes – 3/16, 5/16, or 1/2”. An integral Un-A-Lok liner bushing provides excellent wear resistance and quick bushing changes. Permanent Bushing Handles are designed for one-time installation of a Slip/Fixed Bushing directly into the steel handle, where it is fastened with a tamper-resistant one-way screw to create a permanent assembly.

Both Quick-Change and Permanent Bushing Handles are manufactured to deliver Carr Lane Quality and are ready to support your tooling needs.

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