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Carr Lane Simplex Hammers (Wooden Handle)

Hammers & Tools

Design your own custom hammers. These professional soft-face mallets can be customized for specific applications by selecting the proper hammer inserts. Choose the same type of insert for both sides, or build a multi-purpose hammer with a different type of insert for each face. The Simplex system uses a patented hammer housing with 3-point clamping that ensures a safe hammer assembly. Made in Germany.
Simplex hammers can be ordered as complete assemblies or as individual components. Wooden-handle Simplex Hammers are available in four sizes (face diameters). Hammer weight varies with the types of inserts chosen:
          30mm (1.18") 0.7-0.9 lbs
          40mm (1.57") 1.3-1.6 lbs
          50mm (1.96") 2.4-3.0 lbs
          60mm (2.36") 2.8-4.3 lbs