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Push/Pull Toggle Clamps (Plunger Type)

Toggle Clamps

Push/pull toggle clamps incorporate a sliding plunger to provide a straight-line clamping action. On push/pull clamps, the toggle action moves and locks the plunger in either the pushing or pulling direction. Carr Lane push/pull toggle clamps are available in several different models, including a standard SPC design, horizontal handle, PC design, threaded body and wagon brakes featuring a glow-in-the-dark handle specifically designed for use on stage-set designs. The most rugged push/pull toggle clamp offered by Carr Lane, the CL-650-SPC standard tapped plunger provides a 16,000-lb. holding capacity. All Carr Lane push/pull toggle clamps are available with a variety of features and holding capacities. Browse the full line of push/pull toggle clamps below in the Carr Lane catalog.