CL5 5-Axis Workholding integrates Carr Lane Mfg Fixture Plates and Sub-Plates with 5-Axis Vises, Mechanical Zero-Point Systems, and Quick-Change Risers from Carr Lane Roemheld. These products, specifically designed for multi-axis workholding, include a wide range of solutions.  Accessories are also available to support any multi-axis product including locating keys and bolt sets specifically designed to multi-axis rotary tables.


ROEMHELD PC 80 5-Axis Vises
  • PC 80 clamping systems excel by a simple and compact design
  • Clamping against the fixed jaw or concentric clamping 
  • Mounting holes as per customer's request are possible 
  • Compatible with Quintus quick-change riser
  • Compatible with existing quick-change riser solutions from Jergens, Lang & 5th Axis
MCP 5-Axis Vises
  • The MCP series is a further refinement of our high-precision MC vise series. These new vises combine a very compact, fully enclosed design with a patented sliding-jaw segment design. 
  • Thanks to the adjusting spindle arranged in the upper part of the housing, deformation in the base during clamping is reduced to a minimum, providing high rigidity of the entire workholding system. 
  • The patented segment design ensures a high degree of precision and stability, reducing guiding clearance to nearly zero.
MCP/Z-Series 5-Axis Concentric Manual Vises
  • Concentric vises have two moving jaws that provide clamping at the exact center of the rotary table.
  • Available in the four sizes from 40mm to 125mm
MCP-Series 5-Axis Fixed-Jaw Manual Vises
  • The standard fixed-jaw version shown here has one fixed jaw, and one moving jaw that clamps against it. 
  • Available in the four sizes from 40mm to 125mm.

Quick-Change Risers & Zero-Point Solutions

Quintus Zero-Point Quick-Change Risers
  • Quintus Quick-Change Risers provide accurate zero-point location and secure clamping, along with quick-change capability and workpiece elevation for improved spindle access – all in one compact unit. 
  • Available in the two sizes
ROEMHELD DropZero® Modular Zero-Point System
  • Our new DropZero Modular Zero-Point System enables you to completely machine a workpiece in one setup, significantly reducing setup time and fixturing costs. 
  • With a few quick turns of a wrench, DropZero clamping modules locate, support, and securely clamp the workpiece from underneath, providing full machining access to 5 sides.

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