Concentric Clamping Experts

Carr Lane Mfg. offers the most complete line of concentric clamping solutions of any manufacturer. Concentric OD and ID power clamping is available from the Carr Lane Roemheld line of Power Workholding products; including the most complete line of 5-Axis Vises. 

Made in the USA mechanical ID clamping products are also available from Carr Lane in a standard range of sizes. Regardless of your application, we have a solution. Please Contact us today for additional information!

Concentric Clamping Products

Carr Lane Roemheld concentric clamping solutions available through the Carr Lane catalog include an assortment of vises and clamps with a variety of specifications designed for any application. Learn more about the most popular products for concentric clamping offered by Carr Lane below. 

MCP-Series 5-Axis Concentric Vises
Mechanical or Hydraulic Operation

  • MCP-series 5-axis vises have optimal features to allow unrestricted tool access for multiple-side machining.
  • Z-series MCP vises are dimensionally similar to the standard fixed-jaw version but incorporate our precision self-centering mechanism. Concentric vises have two moving jaws that provide clamping at the exact center of the rotary table.  MCP-Series 5-Axis Concentric Vises are available in the four sizes shown below, with the following jaw widths: 


  • 40mm      Mechanical
  • 60mm      Mechanical or Hydraulic
  • 100mm    Mechanical or Hydraulic
  • 125mm    Mechanical

Internal Clamps

Internal clamps expand to clamp on the inside diameter of a workpiece, leaving the outside clear for machining. Internal clamps are self-centering to simultaneously locate and clamp.

Fixture Clamps – Concentric

Concentric Fixture Clamps are extremely compact, high-precision power vises designed to be incorporated into workholding fixtures.


Unlike standard vises, Concentric Fixture Clamps do not have a leadscrew for adjustment – instead using exchangeable, machinable clamping jaws that must be custom sized for the workpiece. The concentric version of Carr Lane fixture clamps is designed to center and clamp a workpiece using an exterior contour as a reference surface. Features high-precision centering with +/-.0008" repeatability. Available in two sizes, 40mm and 65mm jaw width.

ROEMHELD Self-Centering Bore Clamps, B1.481 (15.9 to 46mm Bores)
  • 700 to 5000 psi max (depending on bore size) 
  • Double Acting
  • Self-centering in one axis, with .020" float in the other axis
  • Without centering, with .020" float in all directions.
  • Bore clamps are available in one housing diameter with five different cone sizes to cover five internal-diameter clamping ranges:
  • 15.9 to 21.9mm
  • 22 to 27.9mm
  • 28 to 33.9mm
  • 34 to 39.9mm
  • 40 to 46mm
PC 80 5-Axis Vises

The PC80 Clamping system features a simple, compact all-steel design, and includes clamping jaws with a dovetail shaped serrated gripping feature.


  • The all-steel design provides the highest force, most rigid, design in 5-Axis vises. The Jaw assembly is simple to remove ensuring quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. 
  • The PC80 features several mounting options including the use of competitor Zero-Point 52mm pins or the use of a Quintus Pull-Down Bolt. 
  • The sides of the base include grooves for permanent installation with clamping claws.