Applications for Jigs & Fixtures

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What Are Jigs & Fixtures?

Jigs and fixtures assist with producing identical and interchangeable components in manufacturing facilities. In mass production facilities, creating high quality products at high speeds is essential. Jigs and fixtures work to improve the precision of your manufacturing machinery.

Using a jig helps with consistency, as the jig works by guiding the tool in place. While in production, the jig works to control and guide the cutting tool to a precise location on the workpiece.

A fixture is a workholding device. While the jig is guiding the tool, a fixture holds and locates the work pieces being cut.

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Internal-Machining Applications of Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are essential tools for the manufacturing industry. The primary use of these tools in internal-machining applications is for cylindrical and irregular-hole machining.

Cylindrical and Irregular-Hole Machining

The appropriate jigs and fixtures for cylindrical and irregular-hole machining applications:

  • Drilling jigs
  • Boring jigs
  • Electrical discharge machining fixtures
  • Punching fixtures
  • Internal-broaching fixtures


External-Machining Applications

Jigs and fixtures can be used for a variety of external-machining applications, such as:

  • Flat-Surface Machining
  • Milling fixtures
  • Surface-grinding fixtures
  • Planing fixtures
  • Shaping fixtures

There are also other uses for fixtures in cylindrical-surface and irregular-surface machinery, which are listed below.

Cylindrical-Surface Machining

Having an even and consistent shape is extremely important in all manufacturing products, but especially when working with round surfaces. For those working with cylindrical surfaces, the best fixtures to use are:

  • Lathe fixtures
  • Cylindrical-grinding fixtures

Irregular-Surface Machining

Working with irregularly shaped surfaces can be difficult, especially in mass production facilities with high demands. Increase your production efficiency with these fixtures designed for irregular-surface applications:

  • Band-sawing fixtures
  • External-broaching fixtures


Non-Machining Applications

Besides working great for internal and external machining operations, jigs and fixtures are suitable for a variety of non-machining applications.


Fixtures being used in assembly offer valuable support to the workpiece, allowing the operator to easily complete their job.

  • Welding fixtures
  • Mechanical-assembly fixtures (Riveting, stapling, stitching, pinning, etc.)
  • Soldering fixtures


Ensure the quality and safety of each component by using fixtures in the inspection process. Fixtures can assist with inspecting a variety of equipment, such as:

  • Mechanical-inspection fixtures
  • Optical-inspection fixtures
  • Electronic-inspection fixtures


At the end of your manufacturing process, finishes provide the extra appeal to your product. Fixtures for the finishing application are:

  • Painting fixtures
  • Plating fixtures
  • Polishing fixtures
  • Lapping fixtures
  • Honing fixtures

Miscellaneous Applications

Outside of the above applications, jigs and fixtures can also work with layout templates, testing fixtures, and heat-treating fixtures.


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