How to Use Leveling Feet

Leveling feet are used to level and stabilize different types of machinery and equipment, especially on uneven surfaces. Utilizing heavy-duty leveling feet prevents sliding, tipping, vibration, and wear, extending the life of your machinery and improving the safety of your equipment.

Carr Lane Mfg. offers a large assortment of Machine Leveling Feet, including Standard Leveling Feet, Stud Leveling Feet, and Jig Feet Leveling Assemblies.

It is important to consider the application, weight, and type of equipment when selecting and utilizing leveling feet to prevent failure or injury. Once you have determined these factors, assembling and installing heavy-duty leveling feet is simple.

Assemby & Installation of Leveling Feet

Affix a leveling foot to the machine or object that requires leveling using the threaded shafts as the point of attachment with the Stud leveling Feet version. Or attach the machine or object to the female threaded ball on the plain leveling foot version.

Once the threaded insert is securely fitted to the foot, adjust the height of the leveling foot by loosening or tightening the threaded shaft or the lock nut on the threaded insert and then swivel the foot into position.

Types of Leveling Feet

Standard Leveling Feet
Carr Lane Mfg. offers high-quality, heavy-duty leveling feet with a large-diameter pad. The large swivel ball provides a high load capacity with a 20° total swivel angle. Made in USA.  

Standard leveling feet can be used for heavy-weight appliances, conveyors, machinery, and other equipment. 
Stud Leveling Feet
Carr Lane’s high-quality, heavy-duty Stud Leveling Feet are designed with a large-diameter pad and integral stud. The stud and swivel ball are one solid piece and the large swivel ball provides high load capacity with a 20° total swivel angle. Made in USA.
Jig Feet Leveling
This high-quality, medium-duty Jig Leveling Foot has a removable pad and a handy hex socket that allows convenient adjustment from the stud end. The pad rotates and pivots freely with a 20° total swivel angle. Made in USA.
Jig Feet Leveling Assemblies
These heavy-duty Jig Feet Leveling Assemblies include a radius head screw, tapped plate, and hex nut. Made in USA.

Leveling Feet Materials

Each type of Carr Lane Mfg. Leveling Foot is offered in several materials and finishes, with different attrributes that apply to specific applications, such as load capacity, durabillity, and environmental factors.


Carr Lane Mfg. offers leveling feet maunfacturered from 1215 steel, carburized-hardened, zinc plated yellow chromate. This material is the most economical and wear- resistant choice for maximum load capacities.

Stainless Steel

We provide leveling feet designed with 300-series stainless steel, a material that  provides excellent resistance to rust, can be sanitized, and works well in corrosive environments. Our stainless steel is DFARS and RoHS compliant.


White Delrin® 500 is non-marking leveling feet from Carr Lane Mfg., will not rust and can be sanitized. This material has the lowest load capacity of these materials.


Understanding Leveling Feet Load Rating

Before deciding on a material for your leveling feet, it is essential to determine whether the material has the proper load rating for your application.

The load rating of a leveling foot refers to the maximum load capacity of the product. While Delrin® pads are useful for non-marking applications, they have the lowest load capacity of the materials used in Carr Lane leveling feet. Stainless steel feet have a higher load capacity and are very corrosion resistant in addition to being able to be sanitized, as illustrated by the line graphs below.