Mini Clamp Vises

Mini Clamp Vises Are Perfect for Multi-Face Machining

New MC-series Mini Clamp Vises from Carr Lane Roemheld are designed especially for multi-face machining with a single clamping operation.

Their unique design allows clear tool access to fine-out-of-six workpiece sides, and is ideal for machining complicated work pieces in a single clamping operation, such as in mold making. Mini Clamp Vises are small, but have a large holding capacity, and have the finest quality construction for excellent rigidity and durability.

The manual and hydraulic versions come with a 60mm jaw width and a maximum clamping force of 3,400 pounds. The concentric type comes in three sizes, with jaw widths of 60mm, 100mm, and 125mm, and clamping forces from 3,400 to 7,800 pounds.

View all of the Mini Clamp Vises in Carr Lane Manufacturing's online catalog. For more information, visit Carr Lane Roemheld's website directly.