Clamps with Locking Support Plungers

Clamps with locking support plungers exert relatively little clamping force, but provide a high support force in the opposite direction. They are particularly suitable for clamping thin-walled workpieces with minimum deformation, as well as for floating clamping. Applying fluid pressure advances the piston, which simultaneously expands like a work support to lock inside the cylinder body.

FHyd   = Hydraulic clamping force
= Piston surface X fluid pressure
= Force against the clamping force,
e.g. machining forces
= Effective clamping force
FHyd –FH

FH = Retention force, resulting from non-positive
locking of the piston in the cylinder body

Conventional Clamps
If a force FB higher than the hydraulic clamping force FHyd, acts on a standard clamping cylinder, the piston will be pushed back due to the compressibility of the hydraulic fluid.In such cases the operating pressure has to be increased or a larger clamping cylinder or additional work supports have to be used.

Clamps with Locking Support Plunger
The cylinder with locking plunger does not only clamp the workpiece, but also compensate for machining forces which are up to five times higher and are directed against the clamping force.

Effective Clamping Force
Max. Support Force

Retention Force
For Floating Clamping